Anonymous: what are your plans for the future? where do you want to go to college?

thats kind of a big question omg?? Pratt and SAIC are my target schools, UChicago and Columbia are my stretch schools, and MICA and UMD are my safety schools
i plan on majoring in illustration and minoring in creative writing or english lit!!!!

awkward phase
hmMmm so I’ve been thinking about my concentration and I’m still not sure what my overarching statement is gonna be but these pieces are about how sometimes intense affection can sometimes be read as abusive
they’re titled “lip bite” and “eye hickey”
~dai$$$$$$y~ !!!
eyesore (a self portrait)
Anonymous: if i was rich i would buy everything you draw

dude!!!! shit!!!! I would sell u art for like 2 cent a piece!!!!! im a lil cheapie!!!!

dumb doodle no.2